"The en plein air paintings and the large romantic works of the Australian Impressionists have interested me for quite some time. I  strongly believe we are entering a new era of landscape consciousness - due to global warming. Through the methods of the Australian Impressionists, I hope to document and capture this change as it happens - bringing a spotlight back on the Australia’s ancient landscape and mans presence within it."

Mitchell McAuley

Allanvale, Possum Gully
Bush Fire
Elgo's Ridge
Teneriffe Rocks
Moonlight in a Night Sky
oil on ceder board
oil on canvas. 2008
oil on board 2008
oil on cedar board
oil on board
21 x 46 cm
75 x 190 cm
15 x 37 cm
13 x 31 cm
15 x 50 cm
Jack Lorax
The Waiting.
oil on canvas. 2008
oil on canvas. 2008
175 x 240 cm
175 x 240cm
© 2008