Mitchell McAuley

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Exhibition Dates:
October, November 2001
Herring Island Gallery - Herring Island Environmental Sculpture Park

"I was first inspired to make pictures about environ mental destruction when I saw Streeton's works painted earlier this century.

The beauty of the highlands - the meandering streams, native grasses and flowers and the tow ering mountain ash trees - are equally inspiring especially when not far away you can see the charred remains of the same environment:

The contrast is eerie and unsettling.

We have continued to destroy the environment over the last 100 years, one wonders whether artists in another 100 years will still be making pictures about environmental destruction."

Desolation Row, 2001.
Three Stumps,
Pristine Hills, 2001
burnt coup, 2001
Wandering Stream,
White Trunk, 2001
high plain, 2001