Mike Nicholls

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Exhibition Dates:
October, November 2001
Herring Island Gallery - Herring Island Environmental Sculpture Park

"A combination of excitement and apprehension flowed through my veins as we drove through the blue gum forests to arrive at our campsite. A nearby creek was fed by the run off from the high plain hills which in turn was filtered by the sedge grass swamp.

Here we were at the top of the world, with the weather blow­ing in and out as it pleased. It was freedom, it was exhilarat ing, it was wet. How different the recently logged coup was - awesome spectacular, eerie, a scene of rising smoke, burnt earth, charred wood, the re-arrangement of a hillside - it was like walking into a recently bombed village."

Blowing in the wind,
Hard Rain's Gonna Fall,
Lone Range, 2001


Up the HIll,