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The Lake Hindmarsh Project brings together a group of professional artists — four painters, a music composer, a photographer, a film-maker and an arts writer/curator. They will create visual, audio and textual works in response to the landscape and environmental changes occurring to the ecological and human environment of Lake Hindmarsh and the nearby communities of Jeparit and Pella.  The project is an initiative of AltitudeArt,  an artist group for whom affinity with the land is a central concern.

Over a period of twelve months the group will travel to its location base at Jeparit and camp on the shores of Lake Hindmarsh recording and capturing the landscape, wildlife and environmental changes of this region.  It is anticipated that over the next year through water saved from the State Water Conservation programme and its covered channel system, in conjunction with a substantial winter rainfall, Lake Hindmarsh will be replenished.