[jay watson]

Initially the sub- Antarctic island of South Georgia intrigued me through its remoteness, wildlife and extreme conditions. Later l was to discover an amazing history of exploration, whaling and war. In 1998 l had the opportunity to travel there and was fascinated by the islands diversity and extreme environment that l returned in 2005 to experience more of the charm and allure. Here elephant seals, king penguins and albatross birds live and survive amongst one of the most rugged and beautiful landscapes on earth. The rusting metal lies decaying on the rocky shoreline. A haunting yet intriguing reminder of mans influence on this pristine environment and the relentless pursuit of whales to the point of near extinction. I hope that such an exhibition helps to appreciate our natural world in a low impact way and reminds us visually of its beauty."

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wooden boat
Boat Glacier
Rust Landscape
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Whale Ship Petrel
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