Jill Orr

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  • Higher Diploma of Secondary Art and Craft Teaching, Melbourne College of Advanced Education,1975
  • Masters of Arts in Fine Art, Royal Melbourne University of Technology,1994
  • Monash University, Art and Design, PHD, beginning 2006



2008 Heat: Art and Climate Change. RMIT Gallery curated by Suzanne Davies

curated by Suzanne Davies and Linda Williams

2008 When You think about Art book launch and exhibition at The Ewing and

George Paton Gallery : curated by Helen Vivian

2008 Southern Cross Reflections, Maroondah Art Gallery, Melbourne

2008 The Crossing photo/ video installation, Mildura Arts Centre

2008 LOOP 2008 Barcelona, video festival

2007 Blake Religious Art Prize, touring exhibition

2007 A Prayer, performance, Inter- Positions 24hr Art, Darwin Festival

2007 Digging in & Climbing Out, photographs at Carni, Melbourne

2007 The Crossing performance event. Mildura & Wentworth Festival

2006 Robert Jacks Drawing Prize, finalist

2006 Land, paintings and works on paper, Gallery 25, Mildura

2005 Howl Festival, performance, video, Generation X Garden, E4th St, Alphabet City, New York

2005 Text Me, photographs, Sherman Galleries, Sydney

2005 Artist in Residence, Redgate Gallery, Beijing

2005 Drawing Dust, Altitude, paintings, Maroondah Art Gallery, Redgate Gallery, Beijing

2004 Ash, performance and paintings, Shepparton and Sale Art Galleries

2004 EveN photographs and video, group show, Mildura Art Gallery

2004 From the Sea, video installation, Warrnambool Art Gallery, Arts Vic.

2004 Altitude Art, photographs, group, Redgate Gallery, Beijing, Mass Gallery, Melbourne John Batten Gallery, Hong Kong.

2003 The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters – Goya, performance installation, 45 Downstairs, Melbourne, City of Melbourne.

2002 / 3 The Field, Inaugural Show, National Gallery of Victoria, Ian Potter , Federation Square.

2002 Ash, paintings, drawings, and performance, Mass gallery, Melbourne

2002 Ash, Artist in Residence, Parks Victoria and the Nillumbic Shire

2002 The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters – Goya, performance installation, Artspace, Sydney.

2002 Geelong Art Prize, painting selected for exhibition, Geelong Art Gallery

2002 The Fleurieu Art Prize, painting selected for exhibition.

2001 / 2 Digital Ghosts, photographic installation, Mass Gallery, Redgate Gallery, Beijing, Tin Sheds, Sydney, curated by Tony Scott and Sally Grey.

1999 Mud People, paintings, sculpture, performance, Herring Island Melbourne.

1999 Artist in Residence, Cite Des Arts International, Paris

1999 Presence 1, Mass Gallery, Melbourne.

1999 Hunger 2, performance, International Performance Arts Festival, Quebec City, Canada.

1999 Hunger 3, performance, 11a / 7d/ International performance Art Festival, Toronto, Canada.

1999 Telling Tales, Trauma and Memory, Cross Cultural Perspectives photographs, Gallery Neue, Graz, Austria, curated by Jackie Dunn and Jill Bennett.

1999 Exhume the Grave, commissioned by the Geelong Art Gallery

1998 A Bundle of Papers, works on paper, John Batten Gallery, Hong Kong, curated by Tony Scott.

1998 Telling tales, Trauma & Memory, Cross Cultural Perspectives, photographs and performance, Hunger 1, Ivan Dougherty Gallery, curated by Jackie Dunn and Jill Bennett.

1997 Myer Windows, performance installation, Melbourne International Festival for the Arts, curated by Maudie Palmer.

1996 Sound Silence and Light, commissioned performance installation, Brisbane Festival for the Arts, IMA, Brisbane.

1996 Women Hold up the Sky, photographs, National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, curator, Roger Butler.

1994 Lunch with the Birds, photographs, The Beach, Museum of Modern Art, Heide , curator Juliana Engberg.

1994 Raising the Spirits, commissioned performance installation for Persona Cognita, Museum of Modern Art at Hiede, curated by Juliana Engberg.

1994 Marriage of the Bride to Art, commissioned performance for Celebrating Women, Drydocks and Slipways, National Gallery of Victoria, curated by Jane Scott.

1994 25 years of Performance ,photo-documentation, Sydney, Perth, Canberra, Melbourne curated by Nick Waterlow.

1992 Love Songs, performance season by popular demand, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne.

1991 Love Songs, performance installation IMA, Brisbane, ACCA, Melbourne, Dissonance, Frames of Reference, Artspace, Sydney

1991 Off the Wall In the Air, A Seventies Selection, performance, photographs Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne.

1990 Jill Orr, Photo – Documentation from 1978 – 1989, photographs and performance, The Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne, Geelong Art Gallery, Bendigo Art Gallery, Mildura Art Gallery, Experimental Art Foundation, Adelaide, Canberra Contemporary Art Space.

1989 Paintings, solo show, DC Art, Sydney

1989 Paintings, solo show, 312 Lennox St, Richmond.

1988 Australian Painters, 312 Lennox St, Richmond

1987 Paintings, 312 Lennox St, Richmond

1986 From Field to Figuration, National Gallery of Victoria.

1985 The Amsterdam Process, Christine Abrahams Gallery, Melbourne

1984 The Amsterdam Process, Performance Space, Sydney

1983 The Digging In & the Climbing Out, performance / Earthwork, Act 3, Canberra.

1982 Paintings, solo, Gallery Theeboom, Amsterdam.

1982 Headed South, performance, salon O, Amsterdam and IMA, Belgium.

1982 Meeting the Opposites, performance installation, Eurecha, Australian Artists in London, IMA London. Curators Leon Parissean and Burnese Murphy.

1981 Paintings, Gallery Theeboom, Amsterdam.

1980 She had Long Golden Hair, performance, Experimental Art Foundation, Adelaide.

1980 Bleeding Trees, performance, Paris Biennalle, Musee DÀrt Modern, Paris.

1980 Do You Speak? Performance, Mixage Festival, Rotterdam ,Utrect, Breda, Amsterdam.

1980 Split- Fragile Relationships, Women at work, Ewing and George Paton Gallery, Melbourne University

1979 Bleeding Trees, performance, Sydney Biennalle, Euoropean Dialogue New South Wales Art Gallery & Power House, Sydney.

1979 Pain Melts and Lunch with the Birds, photo-documentation, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane.

1978 Response, performance earthwork, Mildura Triennalle.

1978 Map of Transition, Ewing and George Paton Gallery, Melbourne

1978 Blinding Surface & Inside Jacks Head, Ewing & George Paton Gallery



National Gallery of Victoria

National Gallery of Australia, Canberra

Nillumbic Shire

Methodist Ladies College

Griffith Artworks

Mildura Art Gallery

Geelong Art Gallery

Redgate Gallery Beijing

The Graeme Gibson Collection

Maroondah City Council

Monash Gallery of Art

Monash University Art & Design Library Collection

Australian Council of Education Research

Private collections:Australia, Holland, England, France, USA, Belgium and China



1979 Australia Council Visual Arts Board -Travel Grant

1979 Australia Council, Visual Arts Board – Funded participation in the Paris Biennale, Musee D’Art Modern, Paris – Bleeding Trees performance.

1980 Funded participation, Performance Art Festival, ACT 3. Canberra. - The Digging in and the Climbing Out. Performance / earthwork.

1982 Australia Council, Funded participation in Eureka, Australian Artists in London at the Institute of Modern Art, London. Meeting of the Opposites, performance installation.

1986 & 7 Australia Council, Theatre Board - Production Grant

1991 & 2 Australia Council, Fellowship Award - Love Songs, performance installation

1992 Methodist Ladies College Art Prize - painting, winner

1994 National Gallery of Victoria, Celebrating Women - Marriage of the Bride to Art performance

1994 Museum of Modern Art at Hiede, Persona Cognita - Raising the Spirits, performance installation

1995 Australia Council, Hybrid Arts - Professional Development

1995 Methodist Ladies College Art Prize - painting, winner

1996 Brisbane Festival for the Arts, commission - Sound Silence and Light, performance installation

1997 Melbourne International Festival for the Arts, commission - Either / Orr: Myer Windows, performance installation.

1998 International Performance Art Festival, Quebec City and Toronto, Canada, commission - Hunger, performance installation.

1998 Arts Victoria, Project Grant, Mass Gallery, Melbourne - Presence 1., performance installation.

1999 Australia Council, Artist in Residence at the Cite des Arts, Paris.

1999 Geelong Art Gallery, commission - Exhume the Grave, performance installation

2002 City of Melbourne, Project Grant - The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters – Goya, performance installation

2002 Nillumbik Shire and Parks Victoria – artist in residence – Ash, paintings and performance installation.

2004 Arts Victoria, Project Grant - From the Sea, video installation.

2005 Redgate Gallery, Beijing, China, artist in residence - research.

2006 /7 Arts Victoria, funding for The Crossing

2006 /7 Regional Arts Victoria, funding for The Crossing

2006 /7 Vic Health, funding for The Crossing

2006 /7 Mildura & Wentworth Arts Festival, funding for The Crossing

2007 Residency at 24hrart for the Darwin Festival, Interpositions



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Jill Orr has delighted, shocked and moved audiences through her performance installations which she has presented in cities such as Paris, Beijing, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Antwerp New York, Toronto, Quebec City, Graz, Hong Kong, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane from the late nineteen seventies to now.

Orr’s work centres on issues of the psycho- social and environmental where she draws on land and identities as they are shaped in, on and with the environment be it country or urban locales.

Orr’s early iconic work Bleeding Trees has led to commissions such as Marriage of the Bride to Art, Raising the Spirits, Exhume the Grave, Hunger, The Myer Windows, The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters, Goya and Ash, to name only a few works which have contributed to the contemporary cultural landscape. Orr grapples with the balance and discord that exists at the heart of relations between the human spirit, art and nature.

In 2004 Jill Orr created From the Sea about the wild shipwreck coastline of Warrnambool. This panoramic video installation was in created in collaboration with the Gunditmara Aboriginal Community from Warrnambool.

From the Sea began a body of work that traces overlapping histories of indigenous and non- indigenous relations to place. She has recently completed The Crossing, which was presented for the 2007 Mildura and Wentworth Festival.

“Jill Orr is a fiery artist and her work expresses the beauty, power and spiritual depth that is her trade mark.” - Helen Vivian, Catalogue essay Jill Orr, Ash - Independent Curator, Producer and Publisher, Director, Artmoves Inc.



2007 Nillumbic Shire Council, presentation

2007 McGraw Hill Education, Art Insight Education, presentation & paper

2006 Monash university Art & Design presentation paper

2006 Art Play, Melbourne, workshop

2006 Mildura Arts Centre Centennial, presentation paper

2006 LaTrobe University, Mildura, presentation

2006 Victorian College for the Arts, presentation

2004 AGIdeas Conference, Concert Hall, Melbourne

2004 National Regional Art Conference, Horsham

2003 Regional Arts Conference, Beachworth

2003 Ballarat College, commissioned direction of performance & paper

2004 Warrnambool Art Gallery, presentation

2004 Deakin University Warrnambool, presentation