Jayne Dyer

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What happens when language and the visual arts conflate?

Jayne Dyer discusses the scope and meaning of the book as object and subject, and the relationship of visual arts with linguistics.

In an age of increasingly paperless information, Dyer salvages what may otherwise be pulped and constructs work that considers meaning through the loose proposition of the library. She raises questions about our relationship with books as repositories of accumulated facts, hypotheses or fictions.

In her ambitious exhibitions Dyer constructs columns from stacks of books with spines painted black, books spill from doorways or suspend in space. Paper and architecture become one, forms simultaneously dissolve and reappear as structures are built and dismantled.

The works operate as a ‘linguistic’ production - in a state of flux, pointing towards an understanding of a narrative, but are as much about secrecy and hidden information as they are about open-endedness and a search for meaning.