Jay Watson

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Exhibition Dates:
October, November 2001
Herring Island Gallery - Herring Island Environmental Sculpture Park
"The sounds of the chain saw and the timbers crashing to earth is something that has stayed with me since my visits to Noojee and its surrounding areas. Within the destruction I found a rare beauty in this barren and seemingly lifeless earth and I was excited by what I saw as new growth. Scarred and burnt out areas appeared as if a bomb had ripped through them and all that was left was smouldering and charred black stumps. Rocks had cracked in the intense heat and even the bottom of my tripod melted as I worked. Getting in close however I found amazing detail and life with fungal growth and small pockets of regrowth appearing and showing the continual battle nature has to endure against our relentless consumer and materialistic lifestyles. Through my photography I hope to create a better understanding and appreciation of nature and a greater awareness of our surroundings."
Fringe of Green , 2001
Black Stump, 2001
Harvest, 2001
New Growth, 2001