Jay Watson

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After completing Art and Design at Prahran College, majoring in photography, Jay has since worked as a freelance photographer supplying advertising, publishing, stock libraries and film production companies. Jay’s photography has a strong environmental theme as he explores both the macrocosm and microcosm of the world’s landscapes.

Jay is also a cameraman and adventurer and has over 10 years experience working in polar region’s including Greenland, Antarctica, South Georgia Island, Cape Horn and Patagonia fjords. He has completed several double-handed ocean yacht crossings including the Atlantic, Pacific and Southern Oceans. Jay was also part of a four-person team that completed the first longitudinal crossing of South Georgia Island.

In television Jay has filmed for ABC Gardening Australia and Youth Arts programmes. Documentaries worked on include ‘Two Below Zero’, ‘Hell on Ice’ and ‘Antarctic Oasis-a haunting journey’ which recently aired on the ABC Artscape programme.

While much of Jay’s current photography is art and landscape based he still freelances and recently worked as photographer and unit manager for Kennedy Miller feature film ‘Happy Feet’. Jay’s work has exhibited both in Australia and overseas and received awards including Australian landscape photographer of the year.

1998 Solo Photographic Exhibition: 'Antarctica', Motorworks Gallery, Melbourne.

2001 Solo Photographic Exhibition: 'Southern Colour', Motorworks gallery, Melbourne. 2001 Group Art and video Exhibition: 'Stumped', Herring Island, Melbourne.

2006 Group Art Exhibition: 'South Georgia Island', Mars Gallery, Melbourne.

2007 Group Art Exhibition: 'South Georgia Island', Dickerson Gallery, Sydney.

2007 Group Art Exhibition: 'South Georgia Island', Johnson Gallery, Hong Kong.